She is Augusta Kumba Yongai, a 29 years old woman who was born August 31, 1993 in Freetown by two humble and loving parents Mr and Mrs Youngai. She is the second child of four children from a humble, God fearing, supportive and loving small family. She is currently living in the United States of America and a graduate in Business Administration (BSC). She is also a certified IT Specialist who specializes in (Data Management Processing) and an aspiring Lawyer (Family Law).

She enjoys reading, writing, traveling, creating fashion pieces and talking about her many goals, aspirations and dreams in her leisure time. She also loves sports, especially track and field events as she was a very good runner/athlete during her primary, secondary and university school days.

Augusta Kumba Youngai is a spontaneous humanitarian who has been involved in lots of independent charitable works for children, women and youths for a decade now on a low scale. She is also an Entrepreneur/Business woman doing her businesses in and out of Sierra Leone which she has used to empower selected youths in order to develop their skills and empower them with job opportunities.

She is an embodiment of inspirations, hard work, dedication and consistency.

She believes is lifting others up and being there for them, which is why she aspires to some day in the nearest future have a big charitable organization that will focus on empowering children, women and youth. She is a young intentional woman with lots of skills, abilities, goals, dreams and visions that set her apart from her peers.

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  1. Kaiwa June 10, 2022 at 3:59 pm - Reply

    Vote Augusta kumba Youngai the first lady for Housemate salone season 3.Roommate #11

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