He is Francis Mohamed Obaleh Conteh aka Karafilo. He was born on 25th August, 1990 by a Limba and Temne parents. He came from a very small family of four were he is the eldest. He grew up in a business family were his late dad who just passed away was a cassette seller and was also in stationary trade. He grew up taking his parents’ path in business and playing football like his late father who was paying for Sierra Fisheries.

Francis has played football for teams like Sierra Leone Police, Belvick United, Standard FC, Regent Olympic FC, RSLAF FC, DV United, FC Kemoh, Lumley Strikers, Fullah Tong, Old Edwardian FC, and many more.

He started writing songs and to date is become a superstar featured in one of the most anticipating song called Pincher by King Boss LAJ.

During his football days in 2013, Francis was scouted to go play for a club in Ukraine and was set to travel when he unfortunately sustained a fractured leg.

After ending his football career, he extremely paid attention to music and today he is doing great.

He is also a trained professional driver and has worked for reputable institutions and organizations in Sierra Leone, especially in the mining industry.


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